Welcoming Spring! … and thinking about Climate Change

Welcome Spring, COVID-19 vaccinations, and the prospects of a return to normalcy! Remember to Spring Forward on Sunday, March 14!

Climate change and Energy management came to the forefront as we witnessed the effects of short-term thinking and ineffective planning in Texas.

‘Climate change is real’: Biden administration says Texas power crisis shows U.S. unprepared for extreme weather

Billionaire philanthropist and climate change activist Bill Gates has said “If humanity can successfully mitigate climate change, it’ll be the most amazing thing mankind has ever done.”

Bill Gates: This is what you — yes, you — can do to help prevent a climate change disaster

The science and economics are difficult enough and the politics make it even harder. Just as with COVID-19, Donald Trump and Republican leaders have denied science and failed to step up in the face of the climate crisis.

6 Ways Trump’s Denial of Science Has Delayed the Response to COVID-19 (and Climate Change)

Thankfully, President Biden has made addressing climate change one of his administration’s immediate priorities along with COVID-19, Racial Equality, Health Care, Immigration, the Economy, and Restoring America’s Global Standing.

The Biden-Harris Administration Immediate Priorities

FACT SHEET: President Biden Takes Executive Actions to Tackle the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad, Create Jobs, and Restore Scientific Integrity Across Federal Government

President Biden has set a goal of making the U.S. carbon neutral by 2050, which will require steeper emissions cuts than the U.S. has ever achieved. To reach it, coal power would have to wane into a footnote, replaced by renewables like solar and wind.

How Fast Will Biden Need to Move on Climate? Really, Really Fast

What can you do to help with climate change?

  1. Vote.

Sure, eating less meat or driving a hybrid will reduce your carbon footprint. But as an individual, the single biggest impact you can make is by voting in officials at all levels of government who take climate change seriously and offer science-based solutions.

  • Bug those you voted for to take action.

Still have an appetite for politics left after you made it out to the polls on election day? Then get busy bugging elected officials to take climate change seriously.

  • Vote with your dollars, too. 

Take the climate into consideration when making purchasing decisions. Let companies know that there is real demand for responsible products, and that consumers are willing to pay a bit of a premium for them.

The 3 Biggest Things Individuals Can Do to Fight Climate Change, According to Bill Gates

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